Supporting the arts in your community is a grassroots effort.

Every dollar you give Occasional Symphony goes to making music, and no donation is too small when our entire audience works together.

The Occasional Symphony is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible. We acknowledge all of our valued donors in our concert programs and on our website.

We invite you to use the form immediately below to set up one-time or recurring donations. If you would like to learn about donation levels and benefits associated with them, as well as other ways to support us and instructions for paper checks, please scroll past the form and always feel free to email us!

We sincerely thank you for your consideration and support!

Online Tip Jar

When you buy your concert tickets online, you can “tip” us by adding any amount you choose to your purchase.


General Donations 

Donations of any amount you choose that are not earmarked for specific uses. These donations go right into our general operating budget. Do you want to #donatetocelebrate? Let us know! Your honoree will receive a big Occasional Symphony congratulations on social media and the donation listed in their honor.


Core Roster Sponsor ($200+) 

The Occasional Symphony Core Roster has 15 fabulous players who musically glue our larger ensemble together. Do you have a favorite instrument? Does a particular player’s artistry speak to you? This specific donation will support the instrumentalist of your choice. Imagine: our Concertmaster can be listed in the program as “Concertmaster, The YOUR NAME HERE Sponsored Chair." 


Publicity Sponsor ($300+)

Posters. Postcards. Facebook ads. Program printing. Sign printing. Website domain fees. Recording engineering. The ways we use media to reach our audiences and recognize our donors goes on and on! We’d love to recognize you as a supporter of these marketing necessities on our website and in social media.


Associate Conductor Sponsor ($500+)

The Occasional Symphony has two talented and dedicated Associate Conductors: Gonzalo Farias and Ryan Tani. They do far more than conduct our performances and rehearsals; they select music, manage our performer roster, schedule rehearsals, compile scores and parts, and contribute to our Board meetings. Have their position named for you, as "[Gonzalo or Ryan], The YOUR NAME HERE Sponsored Associate Conductor."


Concert Venue Sponsor ($1,000+)

The mission of Occasional Symphony is simple: to curate live music for living spaces. Each venue we rent is unique and creates another dimension of dialogue between the audience and the music. Space rentals are vital to achieving our mission, as well as one of our largest expenditures as an organization. We would love to list you as a Concert Venue Sponsor in our programs, on our website, and in our press materials.


Corporate Sponsor

Send us a message! We'd love to hear from you.


If you would prefer to send checks by mail, please make them out to "Occasional Symphony" and mail them to the following address:

Occasional Symphony, c/o Elisabet Pujadas

1830 E Monument St Suite 2-300

Baltimore, MD 21205